« After separation: a study on political distancing after the February 20th movement in Morocco » with Mohammed Sammouni

The LIVE-AR team is pleased to announce the second session of the « Activists pathways and political crises » seminar. It will take place on 21st Novembre 2023, from 2pm to 4pm (Paris and Casablanca time) at the Ain Chock Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the Hassan II University in Casablanca and also via Zoom. This session will be devoted to the research of Mohamed Sammouni (Hassan II University/Cassablanca), who will present a lecture (in Arabic) entitled « After separation : A study on political distancing post the February 20th movement in Morocco ».

It will take place at the Ain Chock Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the Hassan II University in Casablanca and also via Zoom, and in Arabic only.


Session summary

The purpose of the conference is to understand the disaffiliation of activists of the February 20th movement from so-called ‘classic’ political organisations. More specifically, it explores the possibility of understanding the various manifestations of defection or disengagement from these opposition bodies from the perspective of a militancy that is part of new social dynamics, going beyond the traditional patterns of political struggle.

Conducted as part of a post-doctoral fellowship within the ‘Early Career Fellows’ programme of the Arab Council for Social Sciences, at its ninth session, this analysis constitutes an analytical return to his fieldwork. It aims to elucidate the reasons why activists in Moroccan protest movements, and particularly those in the February 20th movement, distance themselves from or disassociate themselves from traditional political organisations.

Speaker’s biography

Mohamed Sammouni holds a doctorate in political science and is a postdoctoral researcher in the LADSIS laboratory at Hassan II University in Casablanca. He has been awarded a postdoctoral fellowship by the Arab Social Science Council in Beirut for the period 2022-2023.

His research focuses on collective action, protest movements and religious radicalisation. He is the author of several published studies and research projects, including « Les Masques de l’Extrémisme: Aux Sources de la fabrique de la Radicalisation Religieuse » (2017), published by En toutes lettres. He carried out a quantitative study on the cultural practices of Moroccans (2016). He has also contributed to a collective work in French entitled « Trafic du cèdre au Moyen Atlas : Enquête sur une lente agonie » (2021), as well as several scientific articles on political sociology and the sociology of protest dynamics in Morocco.

For further information about the seminar and to register, please email the LIVE-AR project team (erclivear@ird.fr).

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